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Kent Vander Kamp Announces Campaign for Deschutes County Sheriff!

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Deschutes County Sheriff. I will restore public trust and bring much-needed transformational reform to your Sheriff’s Office.

To my neighbors around Deschutes County,

I am humbled by the many calls of confidence, hope, and excitement as I announce my candidacy for Deschutes County Sheriff.

Over the last several months, I have heard your frustrations, disappointments, and demands for change.​ I am running for Deschutes County Sheriff to fight rising crime, utilize common sense solutions for the homeless crisis, stem the flow of drugs, and bring back fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayers' money.

I am the only candidate for Sheriff with the executive experience, formal business education, and award-winning leadership needed to develop a strategic plan with measurable goals for crime reduction, traffic safety, community engagement, and homelessness. This will lead to a more effective, efficient, and transparent Sheriff's office and help retain high-quality leadership, deputies, and staff.

I will responsibly push back against our state government's erosion of public safety and fight against legislation that makes our communities less safe. I will listen to and engage with our diverse community to ensure equitable and fair policing. I will fight to ensure your deputies have the tools and training to keep you and your families safe.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office desperately needs a fresh perspective, increased accountability, and renewed public confidence. After nearly a decade marred by legal battles, controversies, and negative headlines, it is clear the Sheriff’s Office must change course.

I am eager to connect with each of you during my campaign. We have so much to talk about. Our discussions will pave the way for a stronger future. Please join the conversation!

To learn more about my journey and aspirations as your next Deschutes County Sheriff, please visit or any of my campaign social media.

I’d be honored to earn your support.

-Kent Vander Kamp


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